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Acrylic Permanent Makeup Microblading Pen Holder for tattoo shop / studio

Our transparent box for microblading pen is perfect for storage and protection. A universal rubber stopper allows you to slide your pen through securing it in one place. * microblading pen sold seprately
Water proof Red Color Makeup Pencil
Used for marking and outlining in microblading
High quality blank practice skin. No Ink needed !
Used to hold tattoo ink or pigment has 7 large holes for ink cups : 4 small holes and 3 medium holes

Disposable Eyebrow Design Ruler

One time use eyebrow design ruler;
Easy and clear to design perfect brows;

A self-soiling thread soaked in black dye, designed to help you make the perfect preliminary drawing before the permanent makeup treatment. Thanks to its property, the sketch is durable and, most importantly, does not smudge.

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