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Eyeliner & Butterfly

More specially attuned colors through which we will make a perfect Eyeliner and eyelids by using Butterfly technique.

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Eyelid set 3x5ml

Neutral colour. Very dark brown, nearly black. It ca turn into cool shade when used in the cool types. It works best for dark-haired women and brunettes. Heavily opaque. It should be used sensitively. Too deep pigmentation may cool it down. Can be used in pigmentation of an eyelids. It can darken any colour.

              Hair stroke

              Lines on the eyelids

             Shaded lines on the eyelids / butterfly


           A unique black pigment, which gives us a beautiful deep black after healing. Pigmentation is easy and fast because WARM BLACK has an ideal consistency so that the pigment flows easily through the needle. It does not migrate.


Shade: black with warm nuance.

Application: lines on the eyelids, shaded lines on the eyelids