KOBIDO massage – The Natural Facelift KOBIDO is also known as the ” FACELIFT WITHOUT SURGERY”. With a continoued treatment in time, you can naturally: *Regain the tone, lighteness and moisture of the skin. *Improve the overall apperance of the face, bringing it a healthy look, fresh and youthful feeling. *Gradually reduce (and prevent) wrinkles, sagging and skin blemishes *Rejuvenate and repair the facial tissue *Stimulate cell metabolism, causing the skin to renew faster. *Improve blood circulation and lymph flow, bringing more nutrients to the skin *Realase blocked tension in the facial and neck muscles. *Removes toxins, impurities and dead skin cells, preventing aging of tissues. *A whole body energy balance. The Kobido follows ancient ancestral rituals, which makes this massage a truly unique experience.The combination of Kobido’s energizing, delicate and sensitive techniques, applied in a subtle mix of fast and slow hands movements in rhythmic way, induces a great relaxation effect. Therefore Kobido is considered a very effective technique to reduce stress. What’s more, it provides relief from a number of aches and pains that you may experience in your facial muscles. It will leave you with more than just radiant complexion, you feel rested, relaxed, with a clear mind, just as after a deep and restful sleep. If you’re looking for a massage that simultaneously smooths and plumps your face, the Kobido massage is ideal for you. Resoults are visible after the first treatment.