When I got my eyebrows tattooed it made such a difference to my face. They are really natural but defined enough to frame and shape my face. I’ve fair hair and nobody would ever know that I’ve had permanent make up done. I love my eyebrows now and it’s definitely money well spent. I couldn’t ask for better result!
Emma Casey

This is the best eyebrow shape and tint that I have ever gotten. I was very happy with my fake tan also, it’s very natural looking.

The TAFFY method is fantastic. It looks so realistic and my eyes look made up all the time. Would highly recommend the procedure.
Ann Byrne

My Mother who is 78 and a very glamorous woman, and I, had seen permanent makeup done on people’s eyebrows in New York when we were there, but we were reluctant to have a procedure done away from home. So we were delighted to find Butterfly Effect doing this procedure in Dublin. The brush stroke effect is very natural and we were happy with the effect after a week or so when it lightens up to look very natural. I would recommend it to anyone who feels they have to add to their natural eyebrows everyday!

Very happy with my eyebrows makes me look younger and I feel great since I had then done. Many thanks.
Myrna from Dundrum

Thank You Alex for my eyeliner tattoo. The colour is great and they really define my eyes. Many thanks, Susan. X 🙂
Susan Ronan

I would recommend Butterfly Effect Salon to anyone. It’s a professional, very experienced and friendly service. I have had eyebrow embroidery done and I am very pleased with results. Excellent prices.

When I first saw the advert for the permanent make up on a website I was sceptical at first, then I did some research, so I decided to make an appointment, because I always admired everyone else’s eyebrows because mine had no shape.
When I arrived, I was greeted by Aleksandra who was so warm and friendly. I bombarded her with different questions regarding the treatment. She put my mind at ease as she certainly knows her stuff. After the treatment I was delighted, finally I had nice eyebrows. I went home and everyone was saying that they were fab. And I’m not bragging but they are absolutely fab! I would highly recommend this permanent make up to anyone, men included. I would highly recommend Aleksandra and her salon. She’s a very talented person and she’s extremely professional, I cannot thank her enough for my eyebrows and in March next year I will be getting more permanent make up done on my eyeliner and lips! Great prices too.
Donna Nechita

Having had to pencil my eyebrows in for years – it has been a revelation to be able to not do this anymore, I had been contemplating having semi permanent make up for a long time, but was worried they would not look good. After having them done my regret is that I did not do it sooner. Aleksandra put me at ease and I would highly recommend her to friends and family.
Maria McDonald

Thank you Ola for the wonderful permanent make-up. I always looked at the girls eyebrows wishing mine were as nice, better shape etc. but never get them right until I got the semi permanent make-up done. Its so professional looking. My eyes have opened up more and there is a lovely full shape to my eyebrows now. I would definitely recommend Ola.Thanks so much. I am getting my lips done next:) Thanks.

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