Permanent Make-Up Remover (PMU removal)

PMU remover

Mineral remover with alkaline pH (7.7)

White opaque liquid that requires thorough mixing and shaking before use. In case of excessive thickening, it can be
diluted with Hanafy thinner.

Ingredients of Hanafy remover:
Magnesium oxide
Zinc oxide

Do not use remover 4-6 weeks after laser tattoo removal

Before & After

Aftercare treatment

Day 1 – several times during the day gently dab the
area with a cotton pad moistened with Chlorhexidine.
From day 2 – use Bepanten or Depanthenol
twice a day until healing, for about a week.
Do not remove the crusts that form after the procedure
of removal. Do not injure the treated area.
2 weeks after the procedure – do not sunbathe, do not visit
the solarium, swimming pools and open water bodies.
When removing permanent makeup on the face, do not use
decorative cosmetics in the treatment area until the crusts are
completely removed.
Do not use any bandages, plasters, etc. The skin should
Wash your face with warm water and a mild cleanser. You
can use a good quality micellar water or baby soap.